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Kiwi Fence
344 Kendall RD.
Blairsville PA, 15717


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Kiwi Post Driver
The Kiwi Post Driver was developed to serve high volume users, such as fencing contractors, municipalities, do-it-yourself ranchers and farmers, or anyone who wants the finest piece of
equipment capable of handling the most difficult jobs.

Kiwi Fence School
Every farmer knows the value of a good fence. High Tensile Fences are less expensive, more durable and more effective for containing and protecting livestock. Now you can learn to build one of the best fence systems available from the people who introduced High Tensile Fence to the United States.
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Bonita J. Whalen
Bonita Whalen has more than 25 years experience in the agricultural fencing industry.
“ I have been very fortunate to have been around many knowledgeable people in my life, John Wall, Charles Kendall, Bill Iams, and many others in this industry.  I have tried to listen, learn and absorb as much of their teachings as possible.  This industry is a close knit group in that everyone is willing to help"