Terminology S-V



Solid “H” Section

This adds rigidity with eight spacing options for poliwire or .5 inch electric ribbon on one side and four spacings on the opposite side that will hold up to 1.6" wide tape.

Spark Flange

This keeps the wire from arching.

Spark Gap

This is a space between two high-potential terminals through which pass discharges of electricity.

Splice Buckle

This is used to terminate or splice rope.


This means to unite by overlapping and securing together two ends.

Split Bolt Line Tap

This is for electrical hookups. Designed to ensure electrically tight connections on galvanized wire. Will hold 7 or more wires at once depending on the wire size. Wire disconnects easily for troubleshooting electrical shorts.

Split Spooler

This can be installed onto an existing fence line for tensioning and repairing sag. Galvanized and powder coated. Generally one spooler for each directional change should be used or one spooler for every 330’ of fence.

Spring Locked Loop

This is a simple catch for standard steel or wooden. It consists of an oversize staple installed on a post and a spring locked loop of steel connected to the gate with a short piece of chain. The hook then snaps onto the staple. keeping the gate secure.

Stored Joules

This is the power inside the charger. Generally, you will lose 20-50% from stored to output joules.

Strip Grazing

This is another term for rotational and rational grazing. It means periodically moving livestock to fresh paddocks, to allow pastures to regrow.


This it is kind of like polyurethane that is put on the fiberglass to keep it from splintering in your hands.

Taper Charge

This is a charge regime delivering moderately high-rate charging current when the battery is at a low state of charge and tapering the current to lower rates as the battery becomes more fully charged.


This provides with a trellis (a structure of open latticework), especially to train (a vine) on a trellis. It is also to make (something) in the form of a trellis.

Twist Stick

Also called "twitch" sticks, these are ACQ-treated hardwood sticks used to tighten brace wires.

Volt Input

This is a unit of electrical pressure which creates the current flow.

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