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Hot Dip Galvanization

This process consists of dipping steel in melted zinc at 450° Celsius, temperature at which iron and zinc share great affinity, and allowing an alloy to form where pure zinc prevails to the outside. The final product is a steel surface protected with a zinc coating.


This is an abbreviation for “Inside Diameter”.


This is a measure of opposition to a wavelike alternating electric current.

Inductive Loop

This is another name for a choke coil. It is a number of loops of wire intended create a point where lightning is forced to travel in circles rather that a straight line creating a impedance and thus a point where it chokes or slows down.


This prevents the current from traveling through the post and into the ground short-circuiting the system. An electrical insulator resists the flow of electricity.


This is a unit of energy. (1 joule = 1 watt for 1 second)


This is a measurement of electrical energy used to rate low impedance fence controllers. The effective power the controller delivers to the fence, independent of other factors that can drain voltage. The higher the joules, the more intense shock the animal will feel.

Junction Box

This is a box used only for connecting wires together. It must be located in such a way that it is accessible at all times.


This is a stainless steel spring type that secures the hanging of the signs. It will keep the sign from sliding down the smooth wire.


It is an abbreviation for “Thousands of pounds per Square Inch”.

Lag Screw

This is a bolt with sharp points and coarse threads designed to penetrate and grip the wood. It is used to anchor metal/wood, to wood


This is an abbreviation for “Light-Emitting Diode”. It is a semiconductor device that emits incoherent narrow-spectrum light when electrically biased in the forward direction.

Lynch Pin

This is a locking pin inserted crosswise that serves to hold the parts together parts so that it can function as a unit.

Managed Grazing

This is another term for rotational and strip grazing. It means periodically moving livestock to fresh paddocks, to allow pastures to regrow.

Marine Batteries

Kencove uses the deep cycle marine batteries. It a rechargeable battery used on solar powered and large chargers.

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